Dan Donahoe /
Owner of Teira Wines...

“Duff Bevill and his team represent the best in Sonoma County vineyard management. Deep knowledge, gleaned from decades of on-the-ground, in-the-dirt vineyard management translates to best practices and flawless execution. Duff and his team never sit at a desk. They are constantly on the move, touring vineyards and keeping a watchful eye on every vineyard row. One call, and a Bevill team member is on site. Renown in Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma County as the vineyard management company with the best reputation.”

Sandy Comstock /
Comstock Vineyards...

“Working with the Bevill team makes our life as a grower/client of theirs easy. Duff really listens to our vision of the vineyard and hears what we say. He offers advice and suggestions and keeps us up-to-date on new farming practices. Duff is very helpful introducing the grower to those wineries buying grapes. All of our grapes are under contract.”

Frank Woods /
Founder of Clo du Bois Winery...

“The most impressive quality that Duff and his team provide is their intelligent approach to farming vineyards, which includes the utmost integrity and protection of the environment. For many years, while owner of Clo du Bois winery, I operated our Healdsburg vineyards with an in-house management team. The group was quite good, but when we sold the company and hired Duff Bevill and his team, we discovered there was an even higher level of performance available. In the years that Duff has managed our vineyards, he has done an admirable job of preventing the spread of problems, increasing the quality of our grapes, and planting new and more productive vineyards. At the same time, Duff has an innate ability to provide the high quality of grapes that the wineries in Sonoma county desire.

We highly recommend Duff’s vineyard management operation to anyone in the Sonoma County Area.”