Javier Ramirez / Partner

A native of Chamácuaro in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico, Javier immigrated to the United States as a teenager.  His father brought the family to Northern California in 1968, settling in Healdsburg’s Dry Creek Valley.  Javier worked after school in the area’s prune orchards and vineyards.   “In those days, all the vines were head-pruned,” he says.  The Sonoma County vineyard renaissance was just taking root.

Duff Bevill hired Javier as a foreman in 1982.  “Every day, every year we learned something new.  We started experimenting with innovative grafting techniques, leaf removal, and pruning methods.  We began testing soils and planting custom cover crops.” Javier recalls.

As the vineyard industry evolved over three decades, Javier worked alongside Duff, adapting techniques and applying innovative protocols.  Bevill Vineyard Management was among the first farming companies to adopt the Code of Sustainable Winegrowing.

Javier is a BVM partner and an indispensible member of the team.  He is proficient at vineyard development, trellis and irrigation work and all vineyard maintenance.  Today his focus is employee safety education.  “The company encourages ongoing education and safety training for all our employees, so they know why we do what we do.  Duff sets the example with his focus on being the best in his field.  My passion is to grow the best quality grapes, to produce wine that competes worldwide.  I really like to be out in the vineyards, checking each site, knowing each property.”

Javier and his wife Isabelle live in Healdsburg.  They raised three sons, Javier Jr., Alex and Diego.