Mike Weinstock / Vineyard Manager

As a boy, Mike Weinstock worked alongside his dad in the family’s Dry Creek Valley vineyard, thinning fruit, pulling leaves and helping with harvest.  His father Rob became his role model and mentor. Mike joined Future Farmers of America, raising livestock and becoming active in the organization’s leadership. In high school, Mike explored job opportunities in the local wine industry before deciding to pursue a career in viticulture.

Mike attended Fresno State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Viticulture, in 2010. He conducted research and worked for Gallo Vineyards, then joined Bevill Vineyard Management in 2013. “Duff is very open to new ideas and innovation,” Mike says. “Bevill Vineyard Management is a family business where management listens and is responsive.”

As Vineyard Manager, Mike works in Dry Creek Valley. In addition to the variable tasks and seasonal activity, Mike has helped to obtain Sustainable Certification for all the vineyards managed by Bevill Vineyard Management. “We go through each property using the self assessment forms and we set goals for the coming season. It’s a very comprehensive planning tool for improving our farming practices.”