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North Coast vineyards going strong, but drought raises worry...

NAPA — North Coast wineries and growers remain optimistic following a second consecutive year of record-setting harvests and strong consumer demand for grape varietals that thrive in the region, particularly pinot noir.

“You have to be really screwed up to be a grower in Napa or Sonoma and not be making money,” Joe Ciatti, a mergers and acquisitions consultant with Zepponi & Company of Santa Rosa, said Wednesday at the annual Vineyard Economics Seminar.

Wineries continue to plant new vineyards and sign long-term contracts with growers to ensure access to grapes. Crop yield is increasing statewide, despite no significant increase in acreage along California’s coast. If anything, wineries are facing the unintended problem of having too many grapes coming in and not enough capacity to contain them all.

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