Our management services range from a comprehensive, annual agreement to individual site development, custom vineyard, and estate projects.

BVM also provides a supplemental grape marketing service for clients’ vineyards. Our excellent reputation as farmers carries weight with winemakers looking for superior grapes.

Vineyard management
  • Complete {turn key} management of property and vineyards
  • Integrated pest management field monitoring
  • Riparian habitat and creek restoration
  • Provide all labor for vineyard operations:
    • Pruning
    • Tying and Training
    • Fruit Thinning
    • Harvesting
    • New Vineyard Development
  • Provide all farm equipment for vineyard operations:
    • Disking
    • Cover Crop Seeding
    • Plowing
    • Mechanical Harvesting
    • Spading
    • Custom Hauling Harvested Fruit
    • Mowing
    • Compost, Lime, and Fertilizer Spreading