Founder & Partner

Duff Bevill

Duff came to Dry Creek Valley during the post-prohibition boom, when the wine and grape revival began in Sonoma County. Duff had the good fortune to become one of the leaders.

Type : Founder & Partner

Originally, Duff intended to specialize in fruit and nut production, but a summer job in Dry Creek Valley in 1973 transformed his career dreams. Working for a local vineyard management company, Duff became acquainted with many older farmers in Dry Creek Valley, who taught him old timers’ wisdom and self-reliance. “I was in my early twenties, and I would sit in Jim Guadagni’s cellar and drink his homemade wine out of shot glasses and jelly jars. It gave me a sense of history and an appreciation for what it means to be a grape grower in this valley.” Widely recognized as one of Sonoma County’s most accomplished vineyardists, Duff has been farming wine grapes in the area for over 35 years. A strong proponent of sustainable farming, he supports implementation of the guidelines established by the California Association of Wine Grape Growers and the Sonoma County Winegrape Commission. Duff and his wife Nancy own and lease a total of 80 acres of their own vineyards in the Dry Creek and Russian River valleys. The Bevill family lives in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, surrounded by vineyards.