Our management services range from comprehensive, long term management agreements to individual site development, custom vineyard installation, and estate projects.

BVM also provides grape marketing services for clients. Our excellent reputation as grape growers carries weight with winemakers looking for superior quality grapes.

Vineyard Management

Vineyard Development

Vineyard management
  • Complete {turn key} management of property and vineyards
  • Integrated pest management field monitoring
  • Riparian habitat and creek restoration
  • Provide all labor for vineyard operations:
    • Pruning
    • Tying and Training
    • Fruit Thinning
    • New Vineyard Development
  • Provide all farm equipment for vineyard operations:
    • Disking
    • Cover Crop Seeding
    • Plowing
    • Hand Harvesting
    • Mechanical Harvesting
    • Spading
    • Custom Hauling Harvested Fruit
    • Mowing
    • Compost, Lime, and Fertilizer Spreading
Vineyard development
  • Pre-purchase land evaluation and analysis for vineyard potential
  • Land evaluation and preparation for vineyard development and planting
  • Land preparation including county permits
  • Permits (VESCO, PRMD, Fish & Game)
  • Land clearing
  • Grading engineering, design, and development
  • Subsoil ripping, slip plowing, and deep plowing
  • Drainage engineering, design, and development
  • Irrigation design and development
  • Grape varietal, clone, rootstock selection
  • Labor and equipment for planting
  • Trellis design and development