Matt Vogensen

A life-long resident of Dry Creek Valley, Matt Vogensen grew up farming his family’s ranch. “As a boy, I would stand in the gondolas of harvested grapes, picking out leaves and getting stung by bees. In spring, I tied vines and pulled suckers; in summer I thinned fruit and pulled leaves.” Graduating with honors from Geyserville High School in 1990, Matt attended California Polytechnic University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering. He returned to Dry Creek Valley and started an irrigation business with his father, Joe. Vogensen Irrigation designed and installed vineyards and landscape settings. Matt joined Bevill Vineyard Management in 1998. “The company is forward thinking and practical,” he says. “We explore new technology and make economical plans based on our broad experience.” He works with Bevill Vineyard Management’s vineyard development team and supervises clients’ vineyards in Dry Creek Valley. “We are the only company that installs precision vineyards that specifically match the soil profiles,” Matt says. “I enjoy working with the farming families here and I value the trust and respect we enjoy in the community”. Spring is Matt’s favorite time of year. “Over the winter we develop strategies for each vineyard site. I look forward to putting our plans in place, beginning each fresh season.” Matt lives in Healdsburg with his wife Sarah and three children. A star athlete in his teen years, he enjoys coaching baseball and youth basketball.

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